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Basics of Islamic religion about dating & fornication. Learn about choosing friends, and self-love. 

Writing, Quotes, & Poems

I See Color

A poem about the beauty of all the skin colors of the world. Amazing colors of human beings.

Poem written by Jumada Muharram about beauty of Color of Humans

As You

Paint the world with the colors of your heart

Stand by Your Dreams

Remember you are given those dreams for the reason. Live remembering Allah and following the dreams that bring your closer to him. 

Notice It

Love is always within You. It is present. Just pay attention and love yourself first. 


Poem by Jumada Muharram

Turn Your Doubts

Prove those doubts Wrong!


I'm Here For You

It seems like the challenges facing girls and young women are growing each day. It is even more with Muslim girls and women. I worked to become a certified life coach. As a certified happiness and life coach and a Muslimah, I understand these challenges. They can be as diversity as pilgrims of Mecca and Madinah. Understanding that we share a common faith, but always recognizing and individual and the each young ladies personal needs. I take honor in the voice Allah has blessed me with and I want to inspire you to find your voice and be everything you can be. As a mother of four beautiful gifts, I know that problems can be overcame and life can be changed even in the most hopeless situations. I have overcome everything from poverty, to abuse, and even lack of proper education. I am a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, self-help, and spiritual. I have traveled the world as a hijabi and a naqbi. Still I am standing. I want you to know that there is more to life than just problems and you can do more than just stand. You  can Soar! Let me Life Coaching Change Your Life from Within!

Professionalism and Experience

I am a certified Life and Happiness, and Meditation coach. My passion is to give others the tools they need to go beyond their own expectations. To be a voice to never ending motivation and the eyes that see what is not always clear. I am a author and speaker. I am also Reiki healer. 

Supportive Muslimah

It is a honor to be able to support your on your transformation. I will provide tools and up to date information that will empower and inspire you. I have weekly videos that will keep your motivated and loving life. Sign up for my weekly emails. 


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